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White Holy Card Albumn Holy Card Albumn 2022 Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers and Proclaimers of the Word
White Holy Card Album
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Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, and Proclaimers of the Word®provides the ongoing instruction and advice that ministers who proclaim the Word of God need. On a practical level, it assists them in preparing their assigned reading for a specific day. When they read Workbookevery week as a way of reflecting on and learning about the Scriptures, it deepens their spiritual lives and strengthens their proclamation skills. This resource contains the readings in large print for practice (with suggestions for emphasis in bold), commentaries that give background and explain the meaning of the reading, margin notes with pronunciation guides and tips for proclamation, and the responsorial psalms for reflection and context. Workbook\x27s introduction offers an orientation to this ministry of the Word and an overview of proclamation skills.
My Queen, My Mother Catholic Book of Prayers Bonded Leather Catholic Book of Prayers Bonded Leather
In My Queen, My Mother: A Living Novena, award-winning author Marge Steinhage Fenelon brings you along on a pilgrimage to nine Marian shrines across the United States. Each day of this spiritual journey helps you encounter God and a deeper relationship with the Blessed Mother.

“My Queen, My Mother, I give myself entirely to you.”

The opening line to the Little Consecration sets the framework of this unique, nine-day pilgrimage, which culminates in a consecration to Mary.

This living novena is similar in style and structure to the pilgrimage Fenelon developed in the bestselling and award-winning Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. The key difference, however, is that the first living novena was framed by Pope Francis’s visit to the Holy Land. For My Queen, My Mother, Fenelon chose sacred destinations that reflect the Catholic heritage of the United States.

The nine Marian sites Fenelon visits are:

  • Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche, St. Augustine, Florida;
  • National Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, New Orleans, Louisiana;
  • St. Mary’s Mission and Museum, Stevensville, Montana;
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, Starkenburg, Missouri;
  • Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, Carey, Ohio;
  • The National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, Wisconsin;
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs, Auriesville, New York;
  • House of Mary Shrine, Yankton, South Dakota; and
  • Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Santa Clara, California

Even if you can’t make a physical pilgrimage as Fenelon did, you can still make a spiritual one through her extended guided meditation. Each day you’ll learn about a different shrine to Mary: its history, charism, and graces. Fenelon will also guide you to visit a new “place” in your heart, to understand more about yourself and how to open your heart more fully to Mary.

You are not tied to a pilgrimage of nine consecutive days: You can complete the spiritual journey in nine weeks or even nine months. There are reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

Catholic Book of Prayers Sacred Space 2022 Prayer Book Catholic Book of Prayers Bonded Leather

Prayer is the raising of our hearts and minds to God. It is a holy and sacred experience open to everyone. We do not need to be experts in prayer to enjoy the opportunity to grow in prayerful awareness of our friendship with God. Sacred Space: The Prayer Book can lead us into a life of prayer and, in doing so, inspire new expressions and depths of faith.

The Scripture, prayers, and reflections in Sacred Space: The Prayer Book will inspire you to a richer daily spiritual experience throughout the liturgical year and invite you to develop a closer relationship with God.

Jesus Speaking Heart to Heart with the King Queen of the Apostles Prayer Book Baltimore Book of Prayers - Third Plenary Council of Baltimore
Jesus began speaking to French mystic Gabrielle Bossis when she was in her sixties. The conversations continued to the end of her life, and became the beautiful spiritual classic He and I. Now, Pauline Books & Media is pleased to announce the release of Jesus Speaking, a beautiful devotional taken from the original book. A carefully chosen Scripture passage complements every excerpt from the book, along with a meditation on that day's reading.

Bossis' intimate conversations with Christ are instructive as well as inspirational. An invaluable guide for anyone looking for growth in the spiritual life, Jesus Speaking encourages readers to cultivate a daily habit of prayer and a personal relationship with Christ through the Church.
The Queen of the Apostles Prayer Book has returned, in a new, up-to-date edition. Bound in soft leatherette with gold edges, this classic includes prayers that cover the rich traditions of the Catholic faith. Time-honored prayers like the Angelus, lectio divina, and morning offerings are alongside devotions like Mary, Untier of Knots, and prayers to St. Gabriel. With Eucharistic devotions, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Rosary, and much more, the Queen of Apostles Prayer Book is a treasury that is meant to last.
If the greatest legacy of the Council of Baltimore in 1884 was the Baltimore Catechism, a close second was this definitive book of prayers. Issued in 1889 to fulfill that council’s call for an authoritative and comprehensive compilation of traditional prayers and devotions in English, this magnificent 672-page collection became the constant companion of laity and clergy and a devotional mainstay of Catholic families for generations.

This manual is a window into Catholic piety and worship as practiced in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It remains the gold standard for other traditional books of prayer and an invaluable treasure trove of the rich heritage of our Faith. In these timeless pages, you will discover:

A full liturgical calendar
  • Tables of feasts and fasts
  • Brief summaries of Christian doctrine and practice
  • A Latin-English Sunday Missal
  • Prayers for the Church, families, and individuals
  • Breviary prayers and chants
  • Prayers for Eucharistic Adoration
  • Devotions to our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the saints
  • Prayers for the sick, the suffering, the dying, and the deceased
  • Sacred hymns and sequences for feasts throughout the year
Moreover, you will find thorough instructions for devoutly hearing Mass; preparing for, receiving, and making a fruitful thanksgiving after Holy Communion; and examining your conscience, making a good Confession, and growing in virtue. General instructions on receiving the sacraments are also included, along with the rites for all of the sacraments (except Holy Orders), as well as general and seasonal blessings.

In addition, many liturgical prayers are featured in Latin as well as in English, along with a detailed index for easy referencing. This rare gem of a book will help you and your loved ones drink deeply of the Faith of our Fathers and cherish it for years to come.
Manual of Prayers- For the Use of the Catholic Laity
In this manual, you will find the beliefs of the Catholic Faith reflected in the traditional prayers and treasured devotions that will guide your soul to both an increase in devotion to God and his Church along with the cultivation of a deeper prayer life better disposed to receive the Sacraments. In this manual, you will find:
  • Short exposition on the Christian Doctrine, Faith, and Practice
  • Prayers in both Latin and English
  • Includes both the traditional (old) and the new liturgical calendars
  • Instructions on the Sacraments, the Rites, and Supplemental Prayers for the celebration of each Sacrament
  • Traditional Devotions: The Forty Hours Devotion, The Seven Last Words of Christ, Sacred Heart, etc.
  • Hymns and Sequences for the Church’s Seasons in Latin and English
  • The Proper of the Mass for Sundays and Feast Days
  • Responses and Instructions for Serving a Priest at the Tridentine Mass
The Manual of Prayers for the Laity will remain by your side throughout your day so that your mind and heart stay focused on God and holiness becomes your daily goal! All of the most important prayers are here compiled in one beautiful, convenient, deluxe volume. Following the directives of the Council of Baltimore, the Manual of Prayers for the Laity is the prayer book you can carry with you for the rest of your life, knowing that it includes the most essential prayers and devotions for a Catholic, as arranged by the same formidable bastion of tradition that produced the Baltimore Catechism and The Little Office of Baltimore to promote, facilitate, and enhance the spiritual lives of the laity by the traditional teachings and prayers of the Church. From a thorough examination of conscience to prayers for before and after Mass, from preparation for Baptism to prayers for the dying, the Manual of Prayers for the Laity is intended to give a solid spiritual support to accompany anyone for his entire life. This work was constructed for the Mystical Body of Christ so that one might be able to open just one book every day for the rest of one's life and continue to grow in grace, wisdom, and holiness before God and men with an organized body of prayers. It's all here for you in this one beautiful book; don't pass it by.