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Saints Who Saw Hell Cooking with the Saints Theology of the Home
Saints Who Saw Hell
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Cooking with the Saints
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Theology of the Home
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Terrifying visions of hell

Gnawing worms, unquenchable fire, utter darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth. With these fearful words, Jesus warned that hell is real … and that we could end up there.

Since the Early Church, Catholic saints and other visionaries have reported horrific scenes of eternal punishment. Dozens of saints throughout history have described the terrors of hell, and relayed horror of being separated from God for eternity so that we may see for ourselves and repent.

In Saints Who Saw Hell, you’ll find …

The scriptural witness to the reality of hell, including the warnings of Jesus, the prophets, and the Apostles;
Scenes from the second-century Apocalypse of Peter, the oldest surviving Christian vision of hell;
Ancient reports collected by Pope St. Gregory the Great;
Medieval accounts from St. Bede, the voyage of St. Brendan, St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Frances of Rome.
Witnesses to hell from the time of the Catholic Reformation, such as St. Teresa of Ávila, Blessed Maria de Agreda, and Blessed Richard of St. Anne;
Visions from later centuries, such as those of St. Veronica Giuliani, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, St. John Bosco, the children of Fatima, and St. Faustina Kowalska;
… and other accounts from those who insist they have witnessed the fate of the damned.
The scenes in these pages, varying in detail and source, all testify to one harrowing truth:

Hell is the final guarantee that what we do really matters.

For us here on earth, a peek at the grisly tortures of hell is sometimes what we really need to redouble our efforts at achieving the glorious sweetness of heaven.
From traditional Cottage Pie on St. Patrick's Day to Basque Lamb Stew on the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola, the delicious recipes in this unique cookbook will excite your senses, awaken in you greater love for the saints, and bring Catholic festivity into your home.

Here you'll find brief saints biographies and ideal accompanying dishes tied to the liturgical feasts of the Church. From this exceptional cookbook, your family will receive triple nourishment: for body, mind, and spirit.

In it, you'll encounter:

· Scores of exciting dishes from dozens of countries, including Ethiopia, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Scotland, France, Greece, and Sweden

· Sixty fascinating saints biographies

· A comprehensive list of celebratory cookies for feast days throughout the year

· Many traditional recipes, including Roman Honey Cake, Hungarian Goulash Soup, and even Papal Cream Cake (a favorite of St. John Paul II)

· A handy index to help you find just the kind of dinner you need tonight

· A carefully categorized shopping list for each recipe, to save you time in the store

Gathered by Alexandra Greeley, a professional chef and author of thirty-five cookbooks, and Fernando Flores, a world traveler and aficionado of all things relating to food and faith, each of these succulent recipes has been home-tested by our team of Christian mothers and their families.

With the help of Cooking with the Saints, you'll turn every Christian feast into a joyous, faith-filled occasion, bringing your family gastronomic delight and spiritual enrichment throughout the year.
Among the saints celebrated in this book, you'll meet:
St. Aloysius Gonzaga

St. Anselm of Canterbury
St. Basil the Great
St. Brigid of Kildare
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Damien of Molokai
St. Isidore the Farmer
St. Joan of Arc
St. John Neumann
St. Josemaría Escrivá
St. Junípero Serra
St. Justin Martyr
St. Kateri Tekakwitha
St. Mark the Evangelist
St. Mary of Egypt
St. Padre Pio
St. Paul Miki
St. Simon Stock
St. Teresa of Calcutta
St. Thérèse of Lisieux
St. Thomas Aquinas
Home. It is an elegant word, at once both simple and far-reaching. Home is a place to live in and feel comfortable, but it is much more than that.

Home is where we are nurtured, where we live, and where we love. The language of Home is universal. It is where we find the eternal in the everyday.

But the Home has been neglected. To millions of women today, there is nothing worse than being a “homemaker.” If only they knew the supreme value (and reward) of giving loved ones a place to call Home.

Written by three wives and mothers, Theology of Home is a simple guide to help reorient all of us toward our true home, allowing us to think purposefully about how to make our own homes on earth better equipped to get all those living in them to the Father’s house. Featuring more than 100 beautiful (and inspiring) photographs from homes around the country, profound words from the saints and other literary figures, and in depth commentary on the theological and spiritual underpinnings of our love for Home, Theology of Home offers readers a tour of the both the Home and the human heart.

Whether you live in a sprawling estate or a humble dwelling, whether alone or with a crowd, this is far more than a book of beautiful photos and great décor ideas. You will also learn how to create a deeper sense of the divine through:

Creating a welcoming environment that starts with your Door
Fostering a sense of remembrance through images, scents, and activities that will keep your family recollecting joy, family, and Christ
Making your home a place for joyful gatherings and spiritual growth through an emphasis on light
Prioritizing family dinners to feed the body and the soul
Opening up your Home to those around you, spreading the joy and peace of Christ with your hospitality
And much more. . .
Discover how beauty and order can bring the eternal to your everyday, and help create a path to heaven for those you love most dearly.